Friday, January 30, 2009

Hi There

Just a quick Friday afternoon hello. Hello! My hopes for finishing my new illustration and having prints ready for today were a little too...optimistic, let's say. I'm actually still painting the background as we speak. And badly, too. It's so weird, some days you just don't have it in you. But I'm trying, and I have promised myself to get this thing done by tonight. Tonight! Scanning and proofing and color-correcting are a whole other story. Probably a weekend story.

BUT! I did get one other project done that I'm pretty into. The feathers are finally finished and packaged and actually posted in the shop. The "Lucky Feathers" as I call them these days are available in two styles, one plain white and the other "dipped" in silver. I poked holes and put a piece of twine through them so they are ready to hang, as I did here on my mantle.

And they come in a cute package, too! A sweet little gift, I think. I'm actually sending one as a gift to someone, somewhere, whose name I dare not speak, to avoid ruining the surprise just in case they are reading this.

Back to work I go. Later!


celestefrittata said...

These feathers are great!
I just blogged about your works:

Hope you don't mind,

Angela said...

I do not mind a bit. Thanks so much! Love, love your work, by the way.

carina said...

these are so very lovely. would make an excellent gift for someone making a leap in their life...

Angela said...

Thanks, Carina. I think so, too! I just sent one myself as a housewarming gift.