Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just a Few Things

Afternoon, people! It's Tuesday again. And it's a very snowy Tuesday here in Boston. I'm not psyched about my trek to the post office in a few minutes but it's gotta happen. Besides that I'm just working on churning out more Ruffles Note Sets and getting that new print ready for its Etsy debut.

I also just finally finished up matting and framing some prints I bought a few weeks ago from the very talented Olivia Jeffries of Restless Things.

I'm sure you've seen her work before because she's kind of a big deal. And I am sooo excited to finally have this print set hanging in our bedroom because I'd been envisioning it for months! Pretty nice, eh?

Also! Thanks to both Chiara and Janick for the especially nice mentions here and here. I appreciate it, ladies! And, a big thank you again to Holly from Decor8 for featuring my work for a second time. The golden touch of this powerful blog triumvirate brought a lot of Etsy views and nice emails and sales, of course, in the last few days so again, thanks! THIS is for you. Happy Tuesday.

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