Monday, February 16, 2009

I Was in the Mountains

I was! And it was pretty awesome. So sorry for not posting in a bit, but like I said, I was in the mountains.

This past weekend was Johnny's sister's birthday and her wonderful husband planned a super-secret surprise party for her which included the surprise of us!- little old Johnny and Angela. So off we flew to Denver, Colorado, where neither of us had been before, for the big event. Unfortunately our connecting flight from Kansas City was delayed so we actually missed the "Surprise!" part, but our late arrival mid-party was still pretty surprising to Johnny's sister, Maureen.

We spent the next two nights at their amazing home another 1000 feet up in the snowy mountains from the already pretty high "mile-high city". That's up there, folks. I was floating for 2 days. We really felt like we were in a separate universe up there. Their house, for instance, is a 3 mile drive from their mailbox and can only be accessed by 4-wheel drive. Bears and mountain lions are a very legitimate concern. Kind of scary, but awesome! There are no bears in Boston. Rats, yes, but no bears.

So we spent the day Saturday just enjoying the atmosphere with the family, some friends and the 3 happiest dogs I've ever met in my life. I've decided all dogs should live on mountains. Johnny rode an ATV for the first time, which TERRIFIED me, and then I was somehow convinced to ride it with him. Again, scary but fun. I am such a city mouse. And at night after dinner we sat around a fire pit outside, under the stars and sang songs while Johnny played guitar and our cute nephews roasted marshmallows. This really happened!

Wish we could've stayed longer and that we remembered to pack our camera, (the few so-so photos we got were on a phone) because it was truly a superamazing time. It was nice, though, to return to ye ole Boston yesterday afternoon even if when we got home the cats didn't seem to have missed us at all. Those little shits. Not even a bit like mountain dogs.

So today I lounged about and tomorrow it's back to business. It's been crickets for the last week in the shop so I decided I better get some new stuff in there quick! I'll be back to report on my progress. Oh, and before I go many thanks to Kristen from Paper Crave for her very sweet mention the other day. She features some really fantastic paper-related work and I'm quite flattered to be included. Thanks, Kristen!

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