Friday, January 16, 2009

Two New Things

Aanndd, it's freezing. Absolutely frigid. In fact, the coldest day Boston has seen in 5 years, says the weatherman. And I, like a fool, just walked for over an hour in it to get some errands done. In the last stretch of my journey I really started to wonder if I would make it. And how sad it would be if I lost all of my fingers to frostbite. I'm sure over time I could probably teach myself to paint with my toes, but cut paper? I dunno.

All is well, though! Errands are run and fingers are intact, typing comfortably as we speak. So on to the two new things.

These are A7 size foldover cards printed with the For Weak Women and Taken the World Over illustrations. They're on recycled soft white cardstock and paired with gray envelopes. Insides are blank, as I prefer cards to be. These guys are available in my shop and as of today at Magpie, in Somerville, MA thanks to a harrowing journey that almost cost me some extremities. If I sell a few it will have all been worth it.

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