Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bits of Things

Not too much to report this morning, but thought I would share a couple of things I've been working on.

A very new illustration. So far just a drawing in colored pencil. I'm into drawing lots and lots of lines lately, so this could take some time and a lot of my patience, but I'm trying really hard this week not to get distracted by other projects and just work on this until it's done. And speaking of projects to get distracted by...

...there's this, the in-progress product of all that cutting I was doing last week. Unfortunately a lot of it ended up being in vain, as I changed my mind a couple of times about the type of paper I wanted to use after having already cut maybe a hundred flowers. I was really loving the natural looking, fibrous quality and creamy color of some handmade paper I'd bought awhile back, but it ended up being a little too thin to hold any kind of shape, and when mounted on the wall the flowers just didn't read as clearly as I would've hoped. Also, I decided it would be really cool if the flowers looked like they were made from the same material as the wall- like they were part of the wall and actually growing out of it. Sooo, back to basics! A simple, smooth stock in soft white that matches the paint in our bedroom. I've got about 5-6 more feet of space to cover before this is done, but I'm trying to ignore it until that new piece is absolutely finished. It's tough having to make these crazy bargains with myself in order to get anything done.

More later. Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

they are just gorgeous. How are you applying them to the wall?

Angela said...

Thanks- I'm actually mounting them on lightweight pieces of cardstock first with double-stick tape and then adhering the sheets to the wall with mounting foam. I wanted to be able to take the whole thing with me if we ever move- and not leave our landlord with too much of a mess.