Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Quick Note!

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend. It is 86 degrees in Boston at the moment and absolutely beautiful so even though I really don't want to be inside at a computer right now I have just one thing I need to mention. Tina over at Luphia Loves... was sweet enough to ask me to be her giveaway sponsor this week, so that means that anyone who leaves a comment on one of her posts through this coming Saturday has the chance to win a giveaway! From me! Tina will choose the winner at random and that person will have their choice of any of my paper goods items- single cards, note sets or notepads, (there are a few rules and regulations so please see the post right here). I will then send you the item and will probably even write a little note and throw in an extra something something. Because I'm nice. So go, leave a comment! I don't even care if it's not about me.


Dionne said...

Hi Angela

I won this giveaway on Tina's blog, and I just wanted to stop by to say hi. I am so excited! Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway, you have such lovely items!

Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

Dionne! Thanks so much for stopping by and congratulations! It will be in the mail tomorrow. Hope you enjoy...