Sunday, March 22, 2009

What is Happening

It's Sunday and it's 3pm and I'm still in pajamas and it's pretty great. But I'm not just sitting around- I'm cutting while I sit around. A LOT of cutting. I'll share the results of this new project when it's complete, but I won't lie- it could be a while.

In other news, I'd like to say hey! and thanks! to the lovely Liana for featuring my Nesting print over on her blog Mixed Plate. There's a whole bunch of other cool and pretty things featured there as well, so I'm very happy to be among them. Aanndd, I always like discovering a new spot on the internet to distract me from the work I should really be doing. So Aloha, Liana!

And thank you also to Jan from Poppytalk for giving the Lucky Feather some love this week. It was featured in a post titled "Beautiful Things" which also included two of my personal favorites- Paloma's Nest and Fox and Clover, so that's pretty cool. Real cool!

Last but not least, the latest addition to the Magic Mantle: It's a limited edition letterpress print by Julia Rothman that I was lucky enough to snag from Little Paper Planes a couple months back, but hadn't framed until last week. It involves deer and birds and a whole bunch of folkloric charm so how could I not give it a spot on the mantle? That means The Beatles, unfortunately, were kicked out of the forest but don't worry, there's a good home for them elsewhere in the apartment.

Now back to my scissors.

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summerground said...

Lovely. Left me anticipating for more.