Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Things

I really should've made that title "Some Things!!!" because I'm actually pretty excited about what I'm writing about today.

We Grew Together

First thing! This painting. Remember this? I think the last time I talked about it it was still just a drawing, but it's been a drawing collaged onto a painting for awhile now. And I'm only showing it to you in crappy picture form because I have already had it professionally (and I use that word loosely) scanned TWICE and still don't have a decent digital image of this thing. If there were large-format scanners available for less than $900 I would be all over that, because leaving this stuff up to the folks at my local copy shop is just not cutting it. So I guess this first thing is not that exciting, but I wanted to start things with a visual aid. Keep you interested, you know.

So onto the second thing! I am so, so psyched about this one. The debut issue of Antler, a new online magazine came out today, and I'm very very excited to be featured in it, (I'm on p. 36-42). Andi Strand, both the Editor In Chief and Art Director, put together a really amazing collection of fashion, art, design and photography for this first issue and I'm SO impressed with her work. Everything in it is just gorgeous and really cool, and I'm truly flattered she asked me to be a part of it. I'm also super-excited to have something new to read every month! It's really right up my alley. PLEASE have a look, and spread the word! I can't wait to see more. So a big thanks and a big congratulations to Andi for her great work. And by the by, Andi is also a handbag designer, using repurposed leather to create her very cute bags. You should probably visit her website and Etsy shop.

Alright, third thing. Poppytalk! I'm participating in Poppytalk's Handmade Market again for this month's Green Pop! market, an "Eco, Spring and Easter-themed Marketplace featuring recycled, upcycled, spring stuff and things that hop!" Well, then. I'm not sure any of my work "hops" but I still made it in, so go have a look, will you?

And I think that might be it. The exclamation points were just flying back there. In the next few days I plan on having a more than decent digital file of We Grew Together and hopefully by week's end a print for the ole shop. Also, there has been an exciting addition made to the Magic Mantle which I will be sharing after I take a proper photo. Bye for now.


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