Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Dream is Real!

So I've finally created and collected all of the items necessary to complete the little story I've slowly been developing on my fireplace mantle. It wasn't intentional at first, but just recently I noticed that the objects I had placed there over the last few years were really lending themselves toward a narrative of sorts. A walk through a magical forest, anyone?

So I've had this glass head that my dad gave to me since I was like, 14, I think. I believe it's actually from Pier 1 Imports, weirdly enough- not sure what my dad was doing there. Anyway, it's been a mantle fixture in almost every apartment I've lived in over the years and has donned everything from sunglasses to sweatbands. It's been naked for the last year or so and has now been cast as "The Woodsman". And what does any proper woodsman have? An amazing beard, obviously. This is the work of Erin from I Made You a Beard and I could not be more thrilled with it. Beardy perfection!

So maybe this woodsman stumbles upon a magical mushroom. That could definitely happen! Mine happens to be porcelain, and was purchased at the very cool Grand in Somerville, Massachusetts. Johnny's pick, actually. Nice work!

Now I've spoken about my beloved Deerman before, but just to remind you, this beautiful creation is from Melabo. Imagine running into that guy in the forest. Whoa.

The golden geese were my grandmother's. They're really exquisite and quite heavy and I coveted them since childhood when they sat on a side table in my grandparents' den. I always imagined them as a couple in love. Still do.

And my porcelain log vase from the Curiosity Shoppe in San Francisco now holds a feather tree! We stole the stray branch from the banks of the Charles River yesterday and it ended up being just the right size. And perfect for hanging a few of my Lucky Feathers.

Last but not least, a flock of paper birds overhead. I made these when we first moved into this apartment 3 years ago, and they're still going strong. Scotch tape- who knew?

Not sure yet how the Beatles and Frambroise fit into this story, but Johnny is a huge Beatles fan, the Revolver album cover is really cool, and the Lindeman's bottle is from the night we got married. So they're staying. Also, I wouldn't mind coming upon a clearing in the magical forest where the Beatles were playing and there was enough raspberry beer for everyone! That would be a good day.


Aprile said...

Taping paper to the walls is the best and cheapest way to make a wall interesting. I did the same thing in my bedroom with cut out letters, and I love it!

Angela said...

Totally. And I love, love what you did in your bedroom! The phrase reads even cozier on that yummy chocolate wall. Quite romantical. Well done, Aprile!