Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This Year

Soooo, the new Christmas cards all made it safely to their destinations and people liked them! The guy at the post office had me a little worried because he was highly opposed to the metallic pen I used to address the envelopes and that I had chosen to write the return address on the envelope flap instead of the top left corner of the face. HIGHLY opposed. I actually felt like he hated me a little bit but I stood strong, assuring him that I had no problem last year and that I was going to send them as they were and that I was not afraid of him or his threats! And what-do-you-know all of my cards arrived on time. Many the very next day. Black pens and top left corner addressing be damned!

But anyway, here they are.

I made the case out of chipboard and the pine bough image is a stamp using metallic ink, then embossed, craft-lady style. And the all-important song this year was a cover of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" originally recorded by Darlene Love on the Phil Spector Christmas album. U2 did a pretty nice version as well. Happy Holidays, folks.

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