Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last Christmas...

...I made Christmas cards! Me, Johnny and our dear friend, Moz, recorded a Christmas song together and decided to send all of our friends and family a CD. The song, which can be heard here, was a cover of George Michael's "Last Christmas" with Johnny on guitar and keyboard and me on kazoo, (Moz covered production duties). If you can carry a tune but are too shy to actually sing in public, the kazoo is for you.

The construction of 50 handmade cards/cases with photos, ribbons, stamps and hand-drawings ended up being much more of an undertaking than I had anticipated, but after a couple of weeks of hard labor and several tears- yes, I cried over these cards- the finished product was pretty nice. And, most importantly, everyone who got one was really delighted. Tears forgotten!

So this year we're at it again, and as soon as the new guys are in the mail I'll share them with you. No spoilers here.

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