Tuesday, December 9, 2008


As I mentioned last week, this past Sunday was Boston's Bazaar Bizarre and I was there! A lot of other people were there, too. A real lot. Sunday also happened to be the first day of snow this season so I was surprised how amazingly busy it was. If I didn't have to be somewhere Sunday I surely would've been on a couch in pajamas watching bad television, but people definitely turned out, some telling us they waited in line for 45 minutes to get in. Whoa. People just love their crafts, it seems. Here are some pics of my table...

So it was a long, but very good day and many thanks to all those who purchased my goods or had kind words for my work. It's really nice to show your work and get positive feedback on stuff you've been privately slaving over for several months. I've been running a one-woman sweatshop in my apartment for the last few weeks trying to produce as much as possible, and it was well worth it, so thanks nice people.

And the biggest thank you is to my husband, who is so helpful and patient, and good at carrying heavy things and finding parking spaces, and for sitting in a chair next to me for 8 hours at a craft fair. What a guy.

P.S. Two new prints are now available in the shop and more stuff is coming very soon. Later!

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