Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And Here I Wait

And wait. Unable to do anything until the UPS guy arrives. I'd like to run a couple of errands, but I can't. I'd also like to take a shower at some point today, but I can't. What if he comes while I'm in there?! Then I won't be able to sign for my package and they'll take it away and who knows when I'll get it! Oh, the agony. For now I will just continue to work in this really inconvenient spot by my front window so that every time I hear a large vehicle driving down my street I can jump up like a paranoid freak to see whether or not its the delivery truck.


After a long 11 hours in my UPS-created cage the package finally arrived at 7:30pm. The amazing-ness of my new printer almost made me forget what a long, sad day it had been. Almost.


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