Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bloggedy Blogged

So I was pleased as punch to discover that Holly Becker of decor8 had some kind words for my work on her ever so lovely blog this week. I'm quite sure that this had everything to do with the sale of a few more collages in the shop today! See it all here, along with every other amazingly pretty thing that Holly writes about.

Thanks again, Holly!

And speaking of the little shop, which is somewhat depleted these days, cute new things are in the works and should be available very soon. I'm most excited about some paper dolls I've been laboring intensely over, and once I make some packaging decisions they'll be ready to go. I can tell you now that they have amazing haircuts and outfits that I want to wear. Oh, to be 8 inches tall and completely flat! If only.

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decor8 said...

So happy you liked it and I can't wait to introduce myself at the SOWA market this year. I'll have to arrange to visit on a day when you are there. All the best!