Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh Boy

Um. Yikes. Just stopped in here for the first time in months and I was shocked, SHOCKED! to see that I haven't posted since last October. That's about a year, folks. Or should I say, "that's about a year, NO ONE," because I'm pretty sure that anyone who visited regularly probably gave up on this blog very, very long ago. My apologies, of course- I was never very good at this in the first place, but I plan on being back in a very casual, inconsistent way. Fingers crossed.

But while I'm here, I may as well show you what exactly I've been up to. It all started with this:

A wedding invitation! Some good friends of mine decided they were getting married and then they decided to ask me to create their invitations. At my previous job I had a lot of experience helping customers design/order their wedding invitations, but I'd never actually designed any myself, so this was a kinda new thing for me and to my great surprise, I liked it.

Sooo, I started making more invitations.

And more...

and more...

And even more than that, but you get the point. (I have everything I've photographed so far on my flickr, if you're curious.) So a proper website is in the works, which will include all the paper-related things that I do, and I'm very excited that The Paper Apartment Invitations will be a part of that. There will be customizable options aplenty, and in probably very limited availability, (because I'm just a person, with two arms) I'll also be offering completely from scratch, custom orders.

I don't have an exact date set yet for the launch of the site but if in the meantime you, or a friend, or someone else entirely, is interested in invitations, please feel free to contact me at

Happy September!




Ellie said...

Speaking for myself, I've missed seeing your posts and new work. Glad you're back!

Rogger Mcloud said...

What a really nice card. It is very nice, In my work, every year they give me a card for Hanukkah. Those pictures are very good also. Last year, Mark, my boss at 4rent Argentina gave me a card that was similar to one that you show in your blog. Congratulations, you are an artist!